US officials believe N. Korea missile test was ‘probable’ intercontinental ballistic missile

The United States now believes that North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile Monday night.

According to NBC New and CNN, U.S. officials said that the missile was a “probable” intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Trump administration national security, military and diplomatic officials held an unexpected July 4 meeting to discuss what options might be needed if it is determined by the US that North Korea conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test, several administration officials told CNN.

Top officials at the State Department and the Defense Department participated in the meeting.

Now that it has been determined the test involved a “probable”intercontinental ballistic missile, the goal was for President Donald Trump to potentially approve a “measured response,” one official told CNN. Nothing has been officially decided, but that response could include sending additional US military assets such as troops, aircraft and ships to increase the US presence in the region. Diplomatic options are also being considered including more sanctions.

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