STASI: Even Trump can't body-slam the First Amendment

On the verge of Independence Day, President Trump took time out from his busy schedule of press suppression and destruction of the First Amendment to exercise his right of free speech for himself.

He posted what appears to be a slightly altered video created originally by extreme Reddit user/bigot HanA——Solo who has a history of posting racist, violence-laden filth.

Until our President tweeted out the altered WWE video, HanA——Solo had been fairly obscure, rutting around on the darkest of fringes with hateful posts on his subreddit feed filled with violence, racism and bigotry of every kind.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the Anti-Defamation League CEO, called him out as an individual who “traffics in online hatred and at times violent rhetoric, has created an image labeling CNN journalists with Stars of David and has written about stabbing Muslims among other violent rhetoric.”

Celebrities slam President Trump’s CNN WrestleMania tweet

Now the creep is a celeb among the hateful, all thanks to Donald Trump and thanks to freedom of speech.

For guys — including the President — who hate free speech, they certainly know how to use it to their advantage.

“Meme Master” HanA------Solo posted the Trumpy sports-entertainment clip to Reddit.

“Meme Master” HanA——Solo posted the Trumpy sports-entertainment clip to Reddit.


Shortly, Trump will head to Hamburg for the G20 where he’ll meet with his friend/not friend Vlad the Impaler Putin where he can get some tips from a real pro. Putin is a master at dismantling the independent media, jailing freethinkers, and when all else fails, poisoning critics.

We don’t do that. Yet.

Reddit troll takes credit for altered gif of Trump-CNN brawl

Recently I gave a speech sponsored by the Civil Liberties Union about how in 1733, a German immigrant named John Peter Zenger printed a publication titled The New York Journal. He was sued for libel for daring to criticize abusive, corrupt royal governor William Cosby. (No, not that Bill Cosby.)

Zenger’s wife kept printing the paper anyway and Alexander Hamilton signed on as Zenger’s lawyer.

Even though it was against the law at the time to print anti-government publications, he was found not guilty. Thus began the quest for America’s most important freedom — the First Amendment, which we are NOW, after 228 years, truly in danger of losing.

That’s why the First Amendment — freedom of the press, speech, religion, assembly and the right to petition the government — comes first before all others.

Trump tweets edited clip of himself at WrestleMania punching CNN

Not Released (NR)

John Peter Zenger’s 1733 libel trial paved the way for the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

(Bettmann Archive)

The President is now at war with the press despite declaring “I love the First Amendment! Nobody loves it better than me.” If you remember, he tweeted this out just before arbitrarily barring several publications from the daily White House press briefings and even trying to get away with making the use of video verboten.

Declaring his love of the First Amendment by warring against it is as dumb as Gov. Christie lying that he didn’t get any sun on the beach that was closed to taxpayers before getting busted.

How can any American, no matter how far to the right, think attempted suppression of the press is OK? It’s never OK to bar or try to suppress information in a free society. It’s what our ancestors died for. It’s what we should at least be willing to fight for.

When it comes to this, our most important freedom, Trump is nothing more than Putin with a shirt on.

ADL slams Reddit troll behind CNN-Trump clip for racist comments

And it’s not funny. Anymore.

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