Several cars targeted by prank in Leawood – but nobody is laughing

What seems like a funny prank to some has been a frightening experience for some drivers in Johnson County.

People are pelting cars as they go by – not with rocks, not with eggs, but with biscuits.

“It was this really, really loud noise. And when you’re not expecting it, it’s very jarring.”

Rachel Reece was driving along this stretch of 143rd Street just west of Mission in Leawood, Kan. when something caused her to slam on her brakes.

“At first I was concerned I had hit someone’s pet and didn’t want to leave a wounded animal on the side of the road.”

She went back – and was pelted again.

She finally realized it was raw biscuit dough hitting her car.

She’d already called her mom for help.

“She was upset. She didn’t know at first what had happened,” said Diana Reece. “When you’re driving along at 10:30 at night along 143rd – you don’t expect something to hit your windshield and the side of your car.”

Diana alerted neighbors and found out her daughter was not the only target.

She called police – and found evidence left at the scene.

Others reported a similar issue. Some victims had open car windows and were hit with the dough. One victim was driving a convertible. And at one point, the pranksters threw tomatoes as well.

It was messy to clean up – but more concerning – it could have caused car crashes.

“My message is don’t do this,” said Rachel. “You could cause an accident. You could cause someone to get hurt.”

We haven’t found any reports of injury or property damage. Though one driver told us she almost hit a nearby railing.

The Reece’s say they just want it to stop before someone gets hurt.

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