SEE IT: Woman wearing MTA safety vest smokes inside subway train

A straphanger wearing an orange MTA safety vest casually starts smoking inside a city subway train riding in the wee hours, a video shared via Instagram showed Tuesday.

“Morning commute July 4th 4-day weekend MTA work bum LiT,” read the post accompanying the short clip without specifying when the strange encounter occurred.

The one-minute video shows the woman lighting up as the subway doors close and other riders — including the one shooting the scene — start joking and laughing.

“Oh my god,” says one man. “An MTA worker is lighting … up.”

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Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Beth DeFalco said the agency was looking into the video but had yet to determine if the woman worked for them.

When one of her fellow riders stands beside the woman to join in the video, she begins making bizarre comments involving “a death chamber” and dismisses the man as “you f—ing German.”


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