Report: Kanye West ditches Jay Z's Tidal service over money disputes

Kanye West has reportedly cut ties with Jay-Z’s Tidal over money matters and long-simmering unrest.

The “Famous” rapper, who was among the first artists to join Jay’s streaming service when it launched in 2015, appears to be embroiled in a messy battle with Tidal, according to TMZ, which first reported the rift. 

Mr. Kim Kardashian has reportedly been unhappy with the company for a while and says it owes him more than $3 million. He purports that Tidal breached his contract, and his legal team declared an end to their deal several times despite efforts to reconcile, TMZ said. 

West, a Chicago-bred rapper, also contends that his 2016 album, “The Life of Pablo,” attracted 1.5 million new subscribers to the streaming service and that should have earned him a bonus. But Tidal reportedly hasn’t paid up, nor did it reimburse him for music videos he made — ones that he appears to be holding hostage until he gets the money he’s owed.

Incidentally, Jay-Z’s new album, “4:44,” features a diss track trashing his “Watch the Throne” collaborator. However, according to TMZ, West’s decision to sever ties predates that song and West had no knowledge of the lyrics before that. (Jay-Z’s lyrics are said to be fueled by West’s November 2016 concert rant in which he went after the Brooklyn rapper and his wife, Beyoncé.)

Tidal reportedly insists that West still has an exclusive contract with the company, and if he tried to shop his wares to another service, it would sue him. West will allegedly counter-sue.

It’s unclear if West’s recent tweets are directed toward Jay or Tidal, but it’s pretty obvious he’s been unhappy about something for a while.

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