Patient recalls fleeing when wounded in Bronx hospital shooting

The lone patient wounded in Dr. Henry Bello’s attack at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital said Monday he tried to make a run for it after hearing gunshots — only to be blasted in the back of the knee.

Wildanio Guareno, 26, recalled a frantic sprint for his life out of the hospital room where he’d been receiving treatment for abdominal pain and colitis.

“I didn’t really see the guy. I remember gunshots, smoke on the 16th floor. As soon as I saw smoke, I just tried to run out of the room,” he said in a bedside interview at the hospital with the Daily News.

“I thought, ‘Oh, this is serious.’ I just tried to get out of there as quickly as possible.”

Hospital shooter yelled ‘Why didn’t you help me out’ amid rampage

He chose to follow a doctor who was running, bleeding from the neck during Bello’s Friday ambush using an AM-15 rifle bought in upstate Schenectady.

Guareno did not identify the doctor, but Dr. Oluwafunmike Ojewoye was expected to be released from the hospital Monday after being shot in the neck.


Wildanio Guareno was at patient at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital on Friday June 30, 2017 being treated for abdominal pain when he was shot in the back of the knee by Henry Bello during Bello’s shooting spree.


“I saw blood, she was holding her wound . . . I’m seeing smoke, I don’t know if like the whole floor’s burning. I followed her and that’s when I got hit. It was from the back,” said Guareno, who appeared fatigued Monday.

The Bronx native twisted his ankle when he was shot. Still, he kept running, falling down some stairs.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital killer Henry Bello had troubled past

“You just fight for your life at that point, I guess,” Guareno said.

“There was pain. There was a lot of blood,” he added. “You get a pump of adrenaline. I was just trying to get out as quickly as I (could).”

He ran to the eighth floor, where he received treatment.

Bello killed one doctor and wounded five other doctors. The disgruntled former physician at Bronx-Lebanon killed himself as cops closed in.

Doctor wounded by Bronx hospital shooter strong in recovery

Guareno praised the hospital’s staff.

“They’ve just been trying to get everything settled as far as my wounds. The staff has been really supportive, especially the nurses,” he said.

“It just sucks, the situation.”

His story of survival was one of many that emerged as the hospital sought to return to normal.

Six victims in Bronx-Lebanon shooting still hospitalized

Nurse Amy Vargas said she continued assisting with surgery on the third floor as the shooting occurred.

“I had to stay with my patient and make sure that the patient was safe,” Vargas said.

Nurse Shani Gonzales, 23, credited the hospital’s active-shooter training.

“When we have an active shooter in the hospital, we were trained to run to the patient’s room and grab any patient with the family members and put them in the bathroom,” Gonzales said.

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