Kansas City woman carjacked on the road, manages to escape attackers

A safety alert after a woman was carjacked in Kansas City.

Authorities offer some important tips that could help save your life, for instance, if you see a note on your front windshield in your parking lot, don’t get out of your car to check it.

But – what happens if you’re driving?

“It is sentimental to me. It was my first big purchase by myself. My dad and I like – picked it out. We went through a lot of discussion of what’s a safe vehicle.”

Safe for Ali Mallare now has an entirely new context.

She was carjacked Monday morning near 81st and Blue Ridge.

“I’ve never felt so unsafe,” said Ali. “I’ve always felt like I could trust my surroundings and trust my community. And it just keeps getting worse and worse.”

She said that morning – three men pulled up alongside her, got close – then cut her off.

“But I swear I just sat there…and then he was like ‘Get out of the car! Get the F out of the car!”

She did.

She started running. But one of the suspects caught up and hit her.

She managed to get away – but now she has bruises and a head injury.

“Obviously that person knows they gashed my head open and doesn’t care. So clearly they don’t care about how it impacts my day-to-day life.”

But Ali wants her story to help you, too.

“Maybe me being targeted that night was saving somebody else from something worse.”

Say for instance a car comes up behind you flashing its lights – experts say don’t pull over. But, find a safe and public place to stop.

We asked Ali what she would say if she could talk to those suspects tonight.

“Like – this is how I feel. This is what it did to me. This is how it impacts me on a regular basis. How do you feel? What were you thinking? Why do you think you’re so high and mighty? Why do you think it’s OK to put somebody else through that? Like, how?”

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