Joey Chestnut scarfs down record-breaking 72 hot dogs

Joey Chestnut, in a nauseating and historic Fourth of July performance, inhaled a staggering 72 hot dogs over 10 minutes to shatter his own world record.

Chestnut chomped his way through one hot dog every 8.3 seconds to snap his old frank-eating mark of 70, giving the eating machine a record 10th title in the Nathan’s Famous hot dog contest.

The San Jose, Calif., resident known as “Jaws” admitted downshifting a little near the end of the contest where he still won by a frank-slide.

“I slowed down quite a bit — I was sweating like a mad dog,” said the king of competitive eating after his triumph. “I know I can do better. Next year, if I come back, I’ll be pushing hard.”

Hot dog-eating champ does something he never gets to do

Chestnut, 33, vowed to go for 80 franks this year, and knocked back 46 in the first five minutes of the 10-minute contest.

But he couldn’t keep up the frenetic feeding frenzy.

After downing just 30 in the next four minutes, Chestnut closed strong with six hot dogs in the last 60 seconds to claim the mustard yellow belt symbolic of competitive eating supremacy.”

“I’m happy,” said Chestnut. “The crowd was amazing. It was another great Fourth of July.”

Joey Chestnut regains the title of Nathan’s hot dog eating champ

The runner-up was 150-pound Carmine Cincotti of Newark, N.J., who knocked back a respectable 62 but couldn’t come close to beating Chestnut.

Matt (The Megatoad) Stonie, the only eater to defeat Chestnut at Coney Island in the last decade, finished third with 48.

The weather was conducive to speed eating, with the temperature just above 80 degrees on a muggy afternoon. The crowd was fully behind the favorite as the annual chowdown kicked off.

“We love you, Joey!” howled one of his backers when the competition was over.

Joey Chestnut upset at Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

Miki Sudo won the women’s competition, knocking back 41 dogs and buns to score a fourth consecutive Fourth of July victory in the annual frankfest.

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