Good Samaritan stops man's stabbing rampage with bat in Calif.

A knife-wielding man critically stabbed four people at a southern California residence Tuesday before he was subdued by a neighbor swinging a baseball bat, police said.

The Anaheim Police Department commended the quick-thinking neighbor on social media, saying the bloody attack could have been much worse.

“Neighbor helped stop attack by striking suspect armed with knives with a baseball bat,” the department said in a Twitter post that included a photo of the bat lying on a front lawn.

“Law enforcement does not recommend citizens become involved or intervene in violent encounters, but there is no denying the neighbor likely saved a life today,” the department said on Facebook.

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The victims — described as two men, ages 55 and 24, and two women, ages 66 and 48 — were rushed to local hospitals and admitted in critical condition, each with numerous stab wounds, police said.

Cops identified the suspect as 20-year-old Gino Liam Fuentes. He is believed to be related to the victims, though the exact relationship was not immediately clear, police said.

The heroic neighbor told KTLA he was outside his residence doing some work when he saw a woman bleeding from her neck run out of the house across the street. Two men followed her a short time later and appeared to be scuffling, he said.

The neighbor jumped into action, alerting his dad, grabbing the baseball bat and a crowbar and running to confront the suspect.

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“I raised the bat up — he knew I was going to take swings — so, the first thing I looked at was where was this guy holding this knife at,” neighbor Manuel Gonzalez told KTLA.

“He had it in his hands so the first thing I swung was for his hands and knocked that knife out of his hands,” Gonzalez said.

Cops said the motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

They said witnesses made several 911 calls starting at 11:11 a.m. They added they wouldn’t mind working with Gonzalez again in the future.

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“We encouraged the neighbor to submit his job application to APD!” the department said on Facebook.


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