Family celebrates 100th family reunion

The Fourth of July prompts many families to get together to celebrate, but one group gathering in New Hampshire recognized a major milestone this year.

Members of the French family traveled from all over the country — and even Australia — to attend their 100th family reunion.

“Well, it’s the 100th anniversary of the French family reunions. It started in 1917,” Jqhn French said.

The family said they expect close to 150 people through Tuesday.

“When I got married and moved far away, it was hard to get back every year, so when we heard about the 100th year anniversary we really wanted to make an effort to be there,” April Kwok said.

When asked what he thought about the size of the French family reunions, Mike Kwok said, “Wow, this is a big family.”

“It’s been really good. Everyone is really loving and kind,” he continued.

This year’s reunion required a small committee to plan the schedules. Attendees said the extra effort helps ensure the gatherings will continue for future generations.

“I would love for that to happen, and even though we are not close, when my children can go when they are able to and all those that live in New England if they could keep it going, I just think that would be amazing,” April Kwok said.

Lynn Clark said she thinks their ancestors “are looking down on us saying they are mighty proud.”

Next year, the French family reunion will go back to being a one-day event, but they still expect around 70 people to attend.

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