Could we get snow in the Midlands this weekend? Here's what forecasters say

A cool front that has made its way to the Southeast Coast has brought with it the chance of snow for the Midlands.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service in Columbia said that the front is expected to bring cold rain to the central parts of South Carolina. But between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, there may be enough cooling for a mix of snow and rain.

But don’t bust out your sleigh just yet. If snow does happen, it would likely not be a lot because of the temperature, according to the forecaster’s discussion. Most models are keeping the temperatures above freezing.

As of Thursday, the models showed that the chances of snow in the Columbia area are of 1 percent, Lancaster 13 percent, Winnsboro an 8 percent and Newberry 10 percent.

Perhaps instead of a sleigh, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the view.

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