Chicago is the 'Murder Capital'? Hardly, says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah kicked off “The Daily Show’s” weeklong Chicago residency on Monday by challenging the city’s various nicknames.

After an opening bit that paid homage to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Ben Stein cameo and all, Noah made his case that the city’s nicknames are inappropriate.

“I just have to acknowledge that the Windy City is less of a nickname and more of a fact,” said Noah. He insisted that “nicknames are supposed to be edgy, supposed to give you something different,” but the Windy City fails on both accounts.

“There is another nickname… and it’s way worst than the Windy City,” said Noah. “It’s the Murder Capital.”

Noah took “The Daily Show” to Chicago partly to confront that misconception. Noah explained that being from South Africa, he knew “what it’s like to come from a place where everyone labels you just through crime.”

“This week we’re in Chicago because we figured that Chicago is a microcosm for all the issues that the rest of the country faces,” explained Noah. “So we figured, why not come out to this great city and explore it for ourselves?

“Because if I just believed what I saw on TV, I would never want to come to Chicago…,” continued Noah. “According to the president, Chicago is basically Syria but with different pizza.”

After a mashup of clips featuring Donald Trump talking about violence in Chicago, Noah broke down the problem with its reputation as the most dangerous city in America: It’s not really true.

Noah explained the concept of murders per capita and how there’s actually a difference between the number of murders in a city and a city’s murder rate.

“If other cities in America have more violence per capita, then why would the right be so obsessed with Chicago?” Noah pondered, before playing a series of clips from right-wing news commentators discussing how President Obama was “failing” his hometown of Chicago.

“I get it. When there’s shootings, Obama is from Chicago,” said Noah. “All the other times he’s from Kenya. Now it makes sense. These people don’t care about Chicago’s murder rates. They care about how they can use Chicago to score political points.”

Watch the full segment above.

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